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Most organisations like yours now have an intranet.  However, if you ask yourself the questions “Why do we have an intranet?”,  “What is it for?” and  “Is it delivering?” are you in a position answer these in a clear and unambiguous way?
While the Internet world is rolling forward at an increasing pace, many companies are still grappling with issues with the first generation of intranets and are unsure about the return on their investment.  EnigmaQuest Consulting can help.  Follow the links on the diagram below to explore what we offer.
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EnigmaQuest Consulting was established in 2005 by Simon Evans.
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EnigmaQuest Ltd is a company Registered in England, Number: 5418666
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Where are you going?

Without a clear vision of what you wish to achieve with your intranet, it is hard to make it deliver tangible


        Eye for the Future

       The Online world is changing fast and the next generation of employees will have very different skill sets and expectations!

Does your content deliver?

Developing a Content Strategy puts your users at the centre of the information they need


Governance is Key!

Actively managing the intranet to deliver the visions is a challenge for most organisations.  

What does EnigmaQuest do?

EnigmaQuest provides assistance to organisations wishing to maximise the benefits of their intranet.  This is achieved by:

  1. Creating a Strategic Vision and Benefit Plan
  2. Establishing strong Governance and Business Processes
  3. Creating a Content Strategy to match the needs of the user
  4. Developing an Eye for the Future
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13th September 2012

We announce the availability of a 1 day MasterClass on Intranet Governance.

EnigmaQuest announces the availability of a one day masterclass on Intranet Governance.  
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