EnigmaQuest Consulting
EnigmaQuest Consulting Environmental Policy
Date of Policy:  29th March 2007
Last Updated:  Version 1.1:   11th September 2007
1. Purpose of the Policy
EnigmaQuest Ltd is committed to taking a responsible attitude to environmental issues and this document sets out the approach that will be taken to ensure this.
2. Recycling and Waste Management
All Company waste will be disposed of responsibly and submitted for recycling where possible.  This will include all paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, printer consumables, batteries etc
3. Carbon Footprint
EnigmaQuest Ltd aims to be a Carbon Neutral Company and commits to

Minimising its use of power (e.g. through use of low energy lightbulbs), and high impact transport (by utilising public transport) where possible

Utilising power from renewable sources wherever possible

Calculating its carbon footprint on an annual basis and investing in Carbon Offset schemes as appropriate – this will cover electricity used, travel, equipment purchased.  Schemes invested in will be either through the “Carbon Neutral Company”, or “Pure”.

Simon Evans

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